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Newsletter Submissions

Please send your inquiry/submissions to the editor. You can include the content in the email itself, or attach a .PDF, .txt, .rtf, .doc/.docx (Microsoft Word), or .odt (Open Office). Images can also be attached as a .jpg, .png, .tiff, but note that you may only be able to send a few images in one email due to email size restrictions (you may initially send images at a reduced size, although we may request a larger version depending on the publishing dimensions). If you have more than a couple images, you can use an online file transfer service such as

The main focus of Nature Manitoba News is to provide our membership with timely information on Nature Manitoba’s activities, to report on Manitoba issues and events of interest to the membership, to publish articles on diverse aspects of Manitoba nature, and to provide some perspective on conservation and environmental issues of relevance to a Manitoba readership. A number of considerations go into whether to publish an article in the newsletter, including the quality of the article, the space available, the degree of interest to our membership in relation to other articles submitted for the same issue, and the degree of relevance to Manitoba. In the end it comes down to a judgment call and we don’t pretend to get it right every time.

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Please contact the editor with all inquiries.