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Bird-Friendly Shrub And Herbaceous Plants Subsidy Program

The Manitoba Bluebird Fund Committee is pleased to announce the Shrubs and Herbacious Plants Subsidy. The object of the new subsidy is to permit people who don’t have room to plant trees on their property the ability to still promote the welfare of songbirds by adding bird-friendly shrubs or herbaceous plants to their landscape.

The new program will start on May 25th, 2024. The subsidy will apply to the purchase, by private individuals, of shrubs and/or herbaceous plants, at our partner vendor Prairie Originals, 27 Bunns Road, Selkirk, MB, (see list below). No application is required, simply visit the partner vendor.

The Fund will provide a subsidy of up to $50.00 per individual/household. Thus if an individual purchased less than $50.00 of plants on the list, the staff of Prairie Originals , after recording their name and address, will give them an immediate credit at the cash register of the amount of purchase. For purchases over $50.00 the customer would receive a credit at checkout of $50.00 and pay the balance. Addresses are recorded to ensure that only one subsidy per household is granted, to ensure as many folks as possible can participate. Shrubs and herbaceous plants may be combined to access the subsidy.

For 2024 we are offering subsidies to 50 households on a first-come, first-served basis and will start on May 25th, 2024.

• Highbush cranberry
• Nannyberry
• Pincherry
• Red osier dogwood
• Western snowberry

Herbaceous plants:
• Flat top goldenrod
• Joe pye
• Purple coneflower
• Swamp milkweed
• Black-eyed Susan

Revised May 2, 2024