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Board Members Opportunity

Board Members Opportunity - Directors for a Three Year Term

Nature Manitoba seeks new Directors for our Board.  The Board is a dedicated enthusiastic team of 8 to 12 volunteers overseeing the direction and mission of Nature Manitoba.

This is a good opportunity for those who:

  • Have a passion for Nature
  • Enjoy contributing to the growth and progression of a nature based organization
  • Think analytically and seek feedback
  • Invest in quality work
  • Embrace change and innovation
  • Have a positive friendly attitude
  • Respect and support others
  • Want to learn and grow as a Board member

Director Responsibilities:

  • Participate in most of 4 or 5 Board meetings per year.  Meetings are between late September and early June.  Meetings are 1.5 hours long on a weekday evening.  Meetings consist of global discussions on programs, organizational direction and possible new initiatives.
  • Ultimately most Board members represent one Nature Manitoba activity or program at the Board level
  • Flexible time commitment is about 15-25 hours per year
  • Experienced or new board members are welcome. Orientation and mentoring provided.

For more information or to express your interest, contact