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Remembering Lorne Hyde

Lorne Hyde passed away on December 1, 2020.  His obituary was in the Winnipeg Free Press on December 12. 

He joined Nature Manitoba (then the MNS) in the early 1970's and contributed much over the years. In a Winnipeg Free Press article, dated Wednesday, March 5, 1980 Richard Garlick said "Lorne Hyde, a long-time naturalist and one of the founding members of Mantario in 1973, is an articulate advocate of the Mantario experience." He built the stoves that heat the cabin and sauna. "He's a big man with a heart to match".

In 1989 Nature Manitoba presented Lorne with a Service Award. 

"For more than 15 years Lorne Hyde has been a stalwart member of the Society. Always willing to assist when needed, he has been both a Board member and Chair of the Mantario Committee. He has led numerous outdoor trips, canoeing, and skiing, always teaching and training.  His personal skills have been put to use to enhance the Victoria Beach cottage and the Mantario cabin. Lorne not only makes use of our facilities and trails - he gets out and helps build them too! The strength of the Society depends on people like Lorne."

After Lorne retired in 1990 he enjoyed spending many happy hours camping, skiing, hiking and canoeing with Nature Manitoba's Grey Hares group.