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Welcome to our Latest Team Member

The new coordinator for our IBA and Chimney Swift Programs

Nature Manitoba is pleased to introcude you to our newest team member, Amanda Shave! 

Above: Amanda working with the ABC Lab by Kevin Fraser

Hello everyone, my name is Amanda and I am the new Important Birds Area (IBA) and Manitoba Chimney Swift Initiative (MCSI) Coordinator for Nature Manitoba.

I have been a volunteer for the IBA program at several blitzes over the past couple of years so we may be familiar faces to each other. Prior to this position I was working as an Environmental Policy Analyst at a consulting firm in Manitoba, but my passion has been birds for many years.

I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Manitoba with work terms at Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada as a Riparian Health Assessment Technician and at Ducks Unlimited Canada working on the Carp Exclusion Project at Delta Marsh, Manitoba. It was working and living in the middle of Delta Marsh during two springs and summers that my interest in birds took flight.

From 2015-2017 I complete my M.Sc. degree at the University of Manitoba in the Avian Behavior and Conservation Lab. There I studied purple martins, a long-distance migratory bird that catches insects on the wing. My research was to determine if purple martins can adapt their spring migration and breeding timing as warmer and earlier springs become more common as the climate changes.

My research could not have taken place without citizen scientists both locally and across North America who monitor their purple martin houses throughout the breeding season and help researchers with migration monitoring. I am excited to continue to work with citizen scientists and volunteers through the IBA and MCSI programs at Nature Manitoba.