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Two Cooks/One Night January 16, 2016 6 pm Cooks - Roger Sutherland and Karen Clements

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January 16, 2016

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  Two Cooks/One Night  January 16, 2016 
6pm  Cooks - Roger Sutherland and Karen Clements  782 Tache Avenue (North of Provencher)  RSVP  204-451-1219  
Hors d'oeuvre
Kale chips
Bruschetta on Sleepy Owl baguette (unripen goat cheese, tomato slices, basil)
Sleepy Owl baguette (chopped greens with secret dressing)
Cattail Potato Pie (Cattail/potato crust, mushed potatoes, cheese, tomatoes)
Cooked Beet and Black Beans Salad served cold (feta, Kale, balsamic vinegar dressing)
Mulligatawny Soup (vegetarian)
Mixed Green Salad (home made dressing)
Homemade Ice Cream with choice of fruit and sauces
Donation for Food
Bring $15-$20 for the food which will be donated to Winnipeg Harvest.
Every dollar donated to Winnipeg Harvest raises $20 additional dollars in corporate donations.  We can make a substantial contribution while enjoying an evening with friends and good food.