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8 day Canoe Trip from Robinson to Ethelma

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August 22, 2018 to August 29, 2018

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Join Jerry for a canoe and camping trip at the edge of the ELA. Start at Robinson L and end at Ethelma L. (Involves a 2 km road walk back for drivers after driving cars to Ethelma landing.) Appreciate a marvelous pictograph site at a cliff cave on Dryberry. 3 to 4 lay over days likely. A total of 6 portages (7 if low water levels). SEE READ MORE for portage details. Email

P1: From vehicle to Berry River (400 m downhill walk on a rough road)

P2: 500 m portage on good trail

P3 & P4: about 150 m portages

P5: 800 m portage

P6: 250 m marshy portage

P7?: If water level in stream OK, then walk canoes downstream under a bridge. Otherwise 50 m portage.

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