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Bird's Hill Smorgasbord ski

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January 12, 2022

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A selection of delectable trails, starting at the stables/restaurant: an appetizer of Esker, with a taste of Chickadee, followed by a slice of Aspen, a more robust helping of Chickadee, a soupcon of Group Use Road, a tasty meander on Esker to the bush trail to a robust serving of Kiln loop, and a bracing third serving of Esker back to the parking lot.
Total distance is approx 13.5 km. No stop for food, but there will be numerous stops for fluids, story swapping, and for my gasping and wheezing. I plan on setting a pace of approx 5 to 5½ km/hr.
Muster at 11:15 at the stables, with a departure of 11:30. Enrollment is limited to 12 so we stay with the desirable prime number of 13, with the possibility of a second group of 12 led by ER if there is enough interest.
Contact me by email noting that my "nom-de-internet" is dbaniak and the internet address is . Cheers Chris Fulmyk.

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