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Bird's Hill Smorgasbord II ski

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March 16, 2022

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Chris Fulmyk and Ed Rajfur (register by email at    Nature Manitoba's COVID-19 protocols (effective 2022-Mar-01): Here.

Back by popular demand, our group will meet at the stables/restaurant at 11:15 AM and start skiing at 11:30. No lunch break, as we will take a slice of Aspen around the loop to the Chickadee parking lot, a taste of Chickadee to the lookout tower, a hint of Esker to Chickadee, to a most robust helping of Bluestem around to the Chickadee parking lot, and then on Bluestem back to the start.

The group size is limited to 19.

Trail difficulty is novice, however the total distance of about 14 km needs some stamina. That said, our speed will be approx. 5 to 5 1/2 km per hour, with stops as needed to catch our breath (mostly mine) and tell amusing stories of equipment breakdown we have experienced over the (many) years. There will be an opportunity to reduce the total distance at the 6.5 km and 8.2 km marks. After that, you will be committed to complete the balance of the route.

Cheers, Chris Fulmyk whose internet moniker is dbaniak, whose email address is, and whose telephone # (remember those) is 204-338-7201 ... before # became a toe-rag or hash-tag or flight-bag. Nuff said.

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