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Ski at Pine Falls (Duck Lake trails)

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January 4, 2023

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Kevin & Anita Miller (register by email at   Nature Manitoba's COVID-19 protocols (effective 2022-Sep-15): Here.

Location: Duck Lake trails at Pine Falls.

Time: Meet at the Tim Hortons at Lagimodière Blvd & Headmaster Row (1 km south of the North Perimeter Highway) before 9:30 AM for carpooling. It will take 15 minutes to form carpools, use washrooms, and move non-driver’s cars a block away on Headmaster Row.
Or you can meet us at the trailhead at 11:00 AM.
Map (115 km / 1:15 from Tim Hortons to the trailhead)

Trails: See the brochure/map. It summarizes the 11K trail system as "beautiful rolling scenery that goes through a variety of boreal mixed wood forest, balsam fir forest, lowland black spruce forest, black spruce/ tamarack bog, meadow, and black ash trees", and elevation changes as “gently rolling terrain with one major climb and no steep downhills”. The map is missing a 1.7K flat linear trail called Rabbit that runs north-south along the eastern edge of the trail system … see this map.  Anita will collect a $5 cash donation / trail fee from everyone at lunch, and we’ll e-transfer the total amount to the Duck Lake Ski Club afterwards.

Description: From the trailhead we’ll ski ~3K directly to the unique/interesting warming hut (and outhouse) via the Moose (yellow) trail and Path Of The Black Bear (red) trail.
Eat lunch in the comfortable warming shelter or outside the warming shelter by the fire.
Anita will be leading the group throughout the day.
Kevin will be skiing back-and-forth to keep track of everyone, ensuring everyone is doing OK and skiing with at least one other person, and ensuring we re-group at various times.

Bring: Your name tag and lunch to eat at the warming shelter.

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