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Paddle the La Salle River from Starbuck (changed from Elie)

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May 17, 2023

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Ray Nielsen --  The number of paddlers will be limited.

Time / Location: Meet at Humpty’s Restaurant (McGillivray & SW Perimeter) at 9:30 AM. We’ll drive the 22 km / 15 minutes along highway 334 to the Starbuck MB boat launch.

Note: The original launch location at Elie wasn't going to work for kayaks or more than 3 canoes because of bottlenecks, 2 dams/weirs, and 5 culverts.

Description: The La Salle River is wide at Starbuck. This will be an out-and-back paddle for an appropriate length of time. Ray led a Grey Hares paddle on the La Salle River from Starbuck on 2021-Oct-06 in fairly low water (9K upstream + 9K back).

Lunch: We'll find a shore location for lunch.

Bring: Water, sunscreen, your name tag, and extra clothes.

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