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Paddle Devil's Creek

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August 23, 2023

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Kevin & Anita Miller -- register at

Location: Devil's Creek is located north of Winnipeg, immediately south of Lake Winnipeg near its delta. The Devil's Creek launch location is on Road 85N, 2.5 km west of PTH 59, a bit SW of Libau. It is 45 km / 35 minutes from the North Perimeter & PTH 59.

Time: Please arrive at the launch location at 9:30 AM so we can launch by 10:00.

Description: It will be an out-and-back paddle … upstream for as far as we can go before the creek becomes impassable, then reverse and go downstream for however far we want to go, then reverse and go upstream back to the launch location.
Here’s a 14K GPS track from September 2020 that only goes upstream from the launch location and back.

Lunch: Lunch will be wherever … perhaps at the launch location.

Toilets: There aren't any formal toilets at the launch location or along our paddling route.

Boats: If you don’t have a canoe or kayak, we can try to partner you with a canoe owner who is looking for a bow paddler.

Rating: Novice (bow paddler in the canoe of an experienced stern paddler) to intermediate.

Bring: Lunch, water, sunscreen, your name tag, and extra warm clothes.

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