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Paddle Cook's Creek

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September 27, 2023

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Kevin & Anita Miller -- register at

Location: On the east side of the Hwy 212 bridge that crosses Cooks Creek, there is a boat launch and public parking area that is adjacent to the East Selkirk fire hall. Map

Time: Meet before 9:30 AM. Launch before 10:00.

Carpooling: It is customary for paddling partners to carpool together. Otherwise, if you are a bow paddler who would like to catch a ride with someone carrying a canoe or kayak, let us know.

Description: We usually head upstream on Cook's Creek, and then turn around and paddle downstream to the launch site and beyond. However, water levels are low, so we're unlikely to get very far upstream. Our route is likely to be primarily downstream and into the Red River near St Peter Dynevor Old Stone Church for as far as we want to go before turning around. Map. Water current will be minimal.

Plan B: We will be consulting with paddlers who know Cook's Creek well. We're slightly concerned about a low water level at the launch site. If that is the case, the launch location could be changed to further downstream, or this activity could be changed to the Brokenhead River, launching from Hwy 59, 20 minutes further north. Low water levels are often a challenge in September ... especially this year.

Lunch: We’ll stop for lunch at an appropriate location at an appropriate time.

Toilets: There aren't any formal toilets at the launch site or along our paddling route. If anybody knows of toilets in East Selkirk, perhaps at a business, please let us know.

Boats: If you don’t have a canoe or kayak, we can try to partner you with a canoe owner who is looking for a bow paddler.

Rating: Novice to intermediate.

Bring: Lunch, water, sunscreen, your name tag, and extra warm clothes.

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