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Cycle the Forks to Lagimodiere-Gaboury Park

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September 11, 2014

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Difficulty: Easy, Intermediate & Advance options
Distance: 12 km
Total ride time: 1.5-2 hours
Highly Recommended: Helmet
We will meet at The Forks between the Children's Museum and Inn
at the Forks Hotel around 5:30 pm, and would make our leave at
6:00 pm towards Norwood Bridge off Main Street.
Once we make our way across the bridge, we would proceed along
the south side of the Red River along Tache Promenade toward
Whittier Park and Lagimodiere-Gaboury Park.
On our return out of Lagimodiere-Gaboury Park there will be an
Easy and Intermediate trail options. Once we reach Whitter Park,
there will be an advance, easy, and ultra easy options.
Those interested in going for drinks/food afterwards, we can meet
at Muddy Waters near our meetup as we can seat near our bikes on
the patio.
For more details you can Google the following: