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February 3, 2015

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PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED! Contact the Nature Manitoba office at 204-943-9029 or

(see 2015 Workshop listing for full details: )

Do you want to know if you are ready to attend a level 3-5 Nature Manitoba outing? This workshop is geared to those members that have a desire to begin backcountry trips and are unsure if they have the skills, knowledge and equipment to move beyond the campground. A two-hour information session will be followed by an actual hands-on backcountry outing on May 29-31 (either Spruce Woods or Riding Mountain National Park) where participants can apply and practise introductory skills. Successful completion of part one should enable participants to confidently judge if they can attend the more advanced Nature Manitoba outings. Part two (the New Member Weekend) will teach the participants some of the skills they need to become a contributing member of a backcountry trip. Participants in this workshop should ensure they are available for the May 29-31 field trip follow up portion.