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Intro to Backcountry Camping - Part II

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This second part of the Intro to Backcountry Camping workshop is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to practice and learn backcountry skills under the supervision and direction of experienced trip leaders.  This session is focused entirely on the newcomer to backcountry camping, participants will have the opportuity to perform the following:

  • Select, pack, and participate in a Hike
  • Select and set up camp
  • Set up a Tarp and an emergency tarp shelter
  • Perform camp chores
  • Hang a bear bag
  • Treat water in the backcountry
  • Build and light a fire
  • Learn and practice navigation skills  

This event takes place in Spruce Woods Provincial Park on May 29th to 31st.  The Friday night group-use site is limited to 20, leaving room for 18 participants.  Participants who attended the indoor session had priority on those spots and at this time some spots are still available for those who did not attend the indoor workshop.