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Trip Leaders

Trip leaders are an intergral part of Nature Manitoba! They provide opportunities for members to connect with nature, explore Manitoba's amazing variety of natural spaces, try a variety of outdoor activities. They also help Nature Manitoba foster a healthy, vibrant and diverse community of outdoor enthusiasts. If you would like to become a trip leader please contact us by email or at 204-943-9029.


For Trip Leaders:

Outdoor activities are a popular feature of Nature Manitoba’s programs. We appreciate your time and effort to organize and lead activities. The following information is intended to help you organize trips that align with Nature Manitoba’s objectives, and that encourage members to enjoy and learn more about Manitoba’s natural heritage. You can also view this information in our Trip Leader Information PDF.

Notice of trips and activities listed in Nature Manitoba should include enough detail to help participants make a determination as to whether they are capable of undertaking the activity. In addition, as leader and organizer, you can help increase the participants’ level of preparedness, minimize risk of injury and ensure that Nature Manitoba trips are conducted as safely as possible, by following these “risk management” guidelines.

  • When people register for your trip, please ensure that they are aware of the length of the trip difficulty level, equipment required, and supplies to bring. (eg. water, snack, etc.)
  • Upon arrival at the trip site, and before starting the activity, gather the group and have participants introduce themselves. [Try to integrate new members who may not know anyone.] While the group is assembled, state clearly what the trip/activity will entail and any potential hazards.
  • Have participants read the Informed Consent & Liability Release Agreement (Page #2 of Outdoor Trip Report form   ) and ask them to print and sign their names. [If the group is large, the leader can read the consent & liability release and then pass it around for signatures.]

Nature Manitoba has a comprehensive insurance policy to protect the organization and its volunteers, providing neither has been deliberately negligent. Should there be a mishap on the trip, the signed form will verify that participants were made aware that participation was at their own risk. Having participants sign the form is as important to protecting the trip leader as to protect Nature Manitoba from any potential law suits. It is important that all participants sign, whether or not they are Nature Manitoba members.

After an activity has been completed:

  • Complete the Online Outdoor Trip Report form* which includes attaching the signed Informed Consent & Liability Release Agreement.
  • Should there be an incident involving injury or loss of person, equipment, etc., please complete the accident report available from the Nature Manitoba office.
  • For guidance in planning trips, refer to the Nature Manitoba Trip Leader Guide available at the Nature Manitoba office.

*The Outdoor Trip Report (Pages #1 and #2) can also be sent to the Nature Manitoba Office (See email at bottom of Page #1) by email or mail.

Download the Outdoor Trip Report & Waiver form here. 

Accident/Incident Report Form.

Download the Photo Consent Waiver here.

Dog Policy here.