People passionate about nature

Bees & Wasps


Jason Gibbs


Earl Grey Community Club, 360 Cockburn St. North


Monday, February 5, 2024

Start Time: 

7:30 pm


$10 for Nature Manitoba members (or students), $15 for non-members

Bees and wasps in your backyard.....

There are several hundred species of bees and wasps in Manitoba. Many remain poorly known.

In 2023, a checklist of the bees of Manitoba was published, which expanded the number of species known by more than 100. Little work has been done documenting the wasp fauna of the province. Although social wasps consistently receive negative attention, wasps are ecologically diverse and most go unnoticed. Bee and wasp diversity will be highlighted with a focus on why we should be happy to have them in our backyards.


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