People passionate about nature



Robert Wrigley


Earl Grey Community Club, 360 Cockburn St. North


Monday, April 24, 2023

Start Time: 

7:30 pm


$10 for Nature Manitoba members (or students), $15 for non-members

The workshop will present an exploration of major beetle families and their ways of living. Many species have been described as living jewels (as if dipped in gold or silver), as colourful as butterflies and coral-reef fishes. Ranging in size from 2 mm to the size of one's fist, beetles are one of the world's most-successful groups of organisms, with an unknown number of species, but surely surpassing several million. Manitoba's beetle fauna is over 2500 species. As such, they play important roles in almost every ecosystem. Beetle specimens, collecting equipment and techniques, and field guides will be displayed. Three of the author's books (Mammals in North America, Chasing Nature, and Tiger Beetles of Manitoba) will be available for sale. 

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