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The Science and Majesty of Solar Eclipses


Jay Anderson


Earl Grey Community Club, 360 Cockburn St. North


Monday, February 13, 2023

Start Time: 

7:30 pm


$10 for Nature Manitoba members (or students), $15 for non-members

You would think that will all of the satellites in orbit and telescopes on the ground, that the Sun would be a very well understood local star. Mysteries still remain, and one of the most confusing is how the Sun manages to generate temperatures of two million degrees in its atmosphere from a surface temperature of only 6000 degrees. The answer likely lies in events very close to the solar surface—a region best studied during a solar eclipse. And while scientists contend with difficult questions, we can view an eclipse for its beauty and surprising appearance in the few minutes while it's tucked behind the moon, and, perhaps, appreciate some of the physical structures revealed to the eye.
Two solar eclipses will be visible in Winnipeg in the next two years and with a bit of travel, you can put yourself directly under the shadow. This presentation will help you to better understand the spectacle and perhaps persuade you to go and look.

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