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GONNA ski Bird's Hill

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Event Date: 

March 8, 2023

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Contact / Registration: 

Chris Fulmyk (register by email at, or phone 204-338-7201. Note my internet "nome de net" is dbaniak.)

Time / Location: GONNA muster at 11:15 and depart at 11:30 sharp from the stables restaurant meeting room in Birds Hill Park. GONNA have a big breakfast as we're not GONNA stop until we're done.

GONNA do a mishmash of various trails depending on weather and trail conditions for about 13 km in total.
GONNA have the ability for participants to shorten up their ski in 3 km increments.
GONNA regale our skiers with tales of interesting creatures we have come across during our past skis while I pant and wheeze trying to catch my breath.
To simplify the email back-and-forth business, please note the following:                                     
a. Once you email your interest, proceed on the basis that you are "in", as I will not be confirming enrollment.
b. The ski will proceed unless a cancellation is warranted by bad weather (i.e. colder than -20 or heavy snowfall).

Bring: Your name tag.

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